How To Get An Indian Visa Application

India is a stunning country which is rich in culture, history and diversity. Travel is becoming a lot easier in India and also cheaper; this means that it’s becoming more popular to tourists. This unique country attracts all kind of people including adventurous, daring, creative and quiet people. There are many different reasons that people choose to visit India including to go sightseeing and visit attractions such as the Taj Mahal, or to go on one of their gourmet tours. If you’re feeling like doing something unique that you can’t experience in many other places would be to experience one of their tiger reserves. It’s a great place to go on a holiday because there are so many different things to do and try. Be sure to check out indian e visa for more information.

Recently the government of India established an e-Tourist visa program for a selection of countries, this is due to receiving many visitors from countries such as the United Kingdom, and this means a visa must be applied for before travelling.  They also chose to establish the e-Tourist visa at it made things easier. At first the visa was only for certain countries but was then extended to the United Kingdom due to the amount of visitors coming from here. Currently citizens from 74 countries are able to apply for the Indian Visa application. These countries include Cuba, Poland and Belgium. They will make your Indian visa application easier relaxing and simple to complete, rather than it being a long, daunting process. To apply you must fill out an Indian visa application online. The visa will then be processed and issued electronically before being sent to the applicants email. Visitors need to carry a copy of this visa when they are travelling, as you will be expected to have a printed copy of this when boarding your flight. You will be able to apply for the visa on the government visa.

You will be able to receive the visa in four quick and easy steps. First you will need to fill out the Indian visa application, after this you will be expected to verify you personal data. Next you need to pay the visa fee so that you can wait for the visa to be sent to your email. The Indian visa application can be done up to 34 days before you arrive in India. This needs to be printed and complete when travelling. The visa will be valid for 30 days and only permits one entry into the country. You can apply for and have two e-Tourist visas accepted in a year.  If you want to travel to India more than twice a year or for more than 30 days, then you can still apply for the traditional visa. They have 16 designated arrival airports in India, these include Varanasi and Mumbi. They will check your application and contact you immediately if there are any issues with your forms or supporting documents. The services that they offer include step by step support, assistance over the phone and the application is processed by a professional agent.