An ESTA Visa USA Application

Electronic Travel Authorization (ESTA) application form is an online system implemented by the United States Government and managed by the Department of Homeland Security, that determines the eligibility of citizens or nationals of designated countries to travel to the United States, prior to initiating the travel.

The purpose of this application is to conduct an initial screening of passengers before opening the right to enter the United States. The online form replaces the onboard paper and customs entry requirements for all passport holders of visa waiver countries.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ESTA) application forms became mandatory on January 12, 2009, to reinforce security. All travelers on business or holiday, from countries who previously were beneficiaries of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must now apply online and obtain an ESTA before their trip to the United States.

Everything You Need To Know About obtaining your ESTA

To make sure that your trip to the United States Of America is a smooth one, here is your complete guide to the travel and tourism visa known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This visa is very easy to acquire and buying your visa from us today will ensure a smooth a simple transition through customs and passport control when you arrive in America.

The Visa Waiver Program Explained

Historically, a full visa was required in order for foreign nationals to enter the US no matter the reason for visiting or the duration of the stay. More recently, The Department Of Homeland Security and United States Customs and Border Protection have provided a Visa Waiver Program whereby foreign nationals are now able to travel to the country without a full visa, as long as they meet certain criteria and obtain Electronic System for Travel Authorization , which is the visa waiver and is available to buy from this website.

How Long Is My ESTA Valid For?

An approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization is valid for 2 years from the issue date.

However, a new ESTA visa may be required in the following change of circumstances;

  • Change of name
  • Being issued with a new passport
  • Change of gender
  • Change of Country/Citizenship
  • Your eligibility criteria change